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True energy with honey

  • Contains Finnish honey

  • No preservatives or artificial flavouring

  • Taste from real ingredients

  • Pleasant honey-based taste

  • Available in lemon and bilberry

  • Gentle on the stomach

  • Fibre helps the carbohydrates to be absorbed evenly

Take one Honeysty Energy Gel package (25 g) every 15 minutes during an athletic performance. Drink water as needed. Take the first dose before performing and the last dose after.

For top performance, naturally

Glucose-based energy gels, such as honey-based gels, help resist the exhaustion of the neuromuscular system in endurance events and sports. Honeysty Energy Gel is a natural, honey-based energy gel that helps you maintain high blood glucose levels during endurance sports and after the final spurt.

Research shows that traditional energy gels may cause stomach issues and nausea while performing. Honey has been noted to be comparable to other commercial glucose products that have been designed for sports. However, unlike other products, honey is gentle on the stomach.

Honeysty Energy Gel maintains carbohydrate levels during athletic performances without upsetting the stomach.

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